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Additional WHMIS Products

On-The-Spot WHMIS Labels

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For smaller containers, these convenient, Self-adhesive On-The-Spot Labels (2 5/8" x 3") come in packages of 50 and have room for identifying the following information:

  • Product Identifier
  • Hazard pictograms
  • Personal Protective Equipment pictograms
  • Comments

WHMIS On-The-Spot Labels 50/pkg.

24 oz. WHMIS Tapered Pistol-Grip Spray Bottle

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Designed for the workplace environment.  Screen-Printed 24 oz. Graduated WHMIS Tapered Pistol-Grip Spray Bottle.  Incorporates Metric and Imperial liquid measurements with Dilution Ratio Measurement Scale.  Variable Nozzle adjustment from locked to stream to mist.  Room to indicate the following:

  • Product Identifier
  • Health
  • Flammability
  • Reactivity
  • PPE
  • Supplier's Name

24 oz. WHMIS Tapered Pistol-Grip Spray Bottle 12/pkg.

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