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Pure Flow™ 1000 15-Minute Primary Eye Wash Unit - Complete


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This is the ultimate in primary self-contained eye wash units.

  • No solution mixing is required.  No additives or biocides are required for the prevention of bacteria growth.
  • Unique to this unit, the included safety-sealed Sterile Eyesaline® cartridges last up to 24 months.  There is no requirement to drain, clean, disinfect, and add a biocide solution as with other self-contained Eye Wash Units.
  • Since weekly flushing or semi-annual solution changing is not required you'll save money on refills and labour alone.
  • When your system does need servicing, it takes five minutes or less to replace the solution delivery cartridges.
  • Captures its own waste fluid.
  • A "Warning Service Immediately" sign appears when the unit has been activated.
  • Meets ANSI Z358.1-2004 standards.
  • No mess, no fuss

Pure Flow™ 1000 15-Minute Primary Eyewash Unit Base complete with Sterile Eyesaline® Solution Cartridges (2 cartridges per box, a left and right cartridge)

FYI Canada:

ANSI (American National Standard Institute) Z358.1-2004 legislation entitled Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment.  It is recognized as the only consensus standard dealing with this topic.  There is no equivalent CSA (Canadian Standard Association) Standard.  The ANSI Standard establishes minimum performance and use requirements of eyewash and shower equipment for emergency treatment of the eyes or body of a person who has been exposed to injurious materials.  Canada adopts these ANSI minimum requirements.

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