WPCC™ Health & Safety Notice Boards

WPCC™ Boards provide a well-organized platform that easily and systematically conveys all your mandatory H&S posting requirements.  Discover imperative H&S information printed directly behind each section to assist you with posting all your health and safety documentation. This printed information becomes your personal compliance assistant.

Health and Safety Board Communication Board


Compliance at a glance

Legislation states that an employer must comply with applicable Occupational Health Safety Regulations and ensure all mandatory Health & Safety documentation is posted in a conspicuous place — visible and readily accessible to all employees/workers in the workplace.

WPCC™ products provide all the required tools to ensure you meet the mandatory legislative posting requirements. Equally important, WPCC™ also includes our unique check and balance tool to ensure all your required documentation obligations are addressed and met.

With WPCC™, your mandatory compliance Health and Safety documentation posting efforts are instantly recognized and available to your employees and the Ministry of Labour, as required by legislation.


Industry leading quality with unique features

Adept in design and with our never ending attention to detail, WPCC™ Signature Edition Boards are the intelligent solution built with our personal compliance assistant. Discover imperative information printed directly on your WPCC™ board. These helpful guides are unique to WPCC™ boards and have been the cornerstone to completing our mission of creating the best H&S Safety Notice Boards available anywhere.

WPCC™ safety binders are a key legislative support tool that seamlessly integrate and work in concert with your personal compliance assistant printed directly on all our H&S boards, WPCC™ clipboards, and WPCC™ Flip-E-Info™ document display units.


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