How Mobile Apps work with WPCC™ Health and Safety Communication Boards



Mobile Apps and how they can work with WPCC™ Health & Safety Notice Boards:

Many organizations utilize mobile apps to house their H&S documentation infrastructure. Yet, legislation still requires them to post this information in a conspicuous place, visible, and readily accessible to all employees/workers in the workplace.

Regardless of what mobile app platform is used, if you are able to print your H&S documentation, WPCC™ H&S products provide all the required tools to ensure you meet the mandatory legislative posting requirements. Equally important, WPCC™ also includes our unique check and balance tool to ensure all your required H&S documentation obligations are addressed and met.

Industry leading quality with unique features

Adept in design and with our never ending attention to detail, WPCC™ Signature Edition Boards are the intelligent solution built with our personal compliance assistant. Discover imperative information printed directly on your WPCC™ board. These helpful guides are unique to WPCC™ boards and have been the cornerstone to completing our mission of creating the best H&S Safety Notice Boards available anywhere.

WPCC™ safety binders are a key legislative support tool that seamlessly integrate and work in concert with your personal compliance assistant printed directly on all our H&S boards, WPCC™ clipboards, and WPCC™ Flip-E-Info™ document display units.

Regardless of how you prepare and assemble your H&S policies and related documentation, you are still required to post this important information in a conspicuous place: visible and readily accessible to all employees/workers in the workplace. WPCC™ H&S Communication Notice Boards allows you to complete this task effortlessly. Your documentation is displayed and available in a professional corporate manner.

WPCC™ Health & Safety Communication Safety Notice Boards seamlessly bridge the gap from the digital world to hard copy mandatory posting legislative requirements.

You prepare your H&S documentation and WPCC™ Safety Notice boards effortlessly display it!

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