WPCC™ 15 Minute Eyewash Instructional Board — Only



The WPCC™ 15-Minute Primary Eye Wash Station Instructional Board was designed as a direct result of ANSI Z358.1-2004 Standards requirements for training protocol and repeated client requests.

All employees who may be exposed hazardous material shall receive training so they can:

  • Locate the nearest Eye Wash device;
  • Activate that device;
  • Use the proper procedures for flushing the eyes, to remove all particulate matter and foreign substances; and
  • Initiate your emergency protocol.

Not only does emergency eyewash equipment need to be provided, but also those individuals who may be exposed to hazardous material shall be instructed (trained) as to the location and proper use of the emergency equipment.

  • A visual locator/identifier for the emergency eyewash unit;
  • Is a permanent reminder of how to use the equipment in the event of an emergency;
  • Provides important guidelines to support the development of the required emergency protocol;
  • By the nature of its design, helps to ensure clear access to the equipment;
  • Specifically designed for the Pure Flow™ 1000 Self-Contained Eye Wash unit;
  • It is an effective way of identifying emergency eyewash equipment;
  • Provides essential instructions on how to facilitate proper flushing of eyes in the event of a chemical splash;
  • Eight “How To …” diagrams;
  • Bilingual(English & French);
  • Easily affixes to all mediums – concrete, wood, steel, or drywall;
  • Promotes improved safety awareness;
  • Resistant to chemicals;
  • Comes with 46” x 46” approved Safety Floor Graphic Film System;
  • Presents a visual safety standard within your work place environment;
  • Prevents clutter near or around this emergency equipment;
  • 46” x 78” – board dimensions;
  • Supports the weight of the eye wash unit, plus anyone who uses the eyewash system;
  • comes complete with protective UV matte velvet laminate and mounting hardware; and
  • Supports ANSI / ISEA Z358.1-2014

08WCC-PSPF                   WPCC™ Bilingual 15 Minute Primary Eyewash Instructional Board 46″ x 76″ (2pieces) with approved Safety Floor Graphic Film System 46″ x 46″

08WCC-FPIU                    WPCC™ Bilingual Eyewash All type Plumbed-In units Instructional Board 24”x18” with approved Safety Floor Graphic Film System 46″ x 46″

 WPCC™ Directional Safety Floor Graphic Film System Adhesive

This directional arrow is adhered to the floor to facilitate an ease for locating the emergency eye wash station.

  • It is an effective way of identifying where an emergency eyewash station is located;
  • Can be used to indicate the extreme distance for the ANSI Z358.1-2014 Standards ten (10) second unobstructed rule;
  • Bilingual (English & French);
  • Specifically designed for safe foot traffic. (Please note this is not a decal); and
  • Easy to apply.

08WCC-FGARROW         WPCC™ Directional approved Safety Floor Graphic Film System 22.75″ x 9.5″


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