The Entry Level Puzzle

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The “Deluxe” Competitors’ Health & Safety Notice Board in a Box™ is our budget version of what everyone else peddles.

For those who prefer to create their own H&S Notice board and do not require a ready-made framework (as seen in our WPCC™ and FVP™ solutions) to assist them with organizing the mandatory posting requirements along with their Health and Safety documentation, we have designed the “Deluxe” Competitors’ Health & Safety Notice Board in a Box™ to help.

“Deluxe” Competitors’ Health & Safety Notice Board in a Box™ comes complete with:

  1. your company logo custom printed on the header title portion the bilingual Health and Safety Notice board banner;
  2. 12 bilingual adhesive stickers of the most popular H&S posting title headings;
  3. 12 bilingual adhesive stickers which indicate ‘Documentation Missing’; and
  4. a package of push pins to secure documents.

Bonus, we customize this package with your company logo in the banner portion at no additional cost

30DC-HSB-IB                    “Deluxe” Competitors’ Bilingual Health & Safety Notice Board in a Box™

For additional custom posting title headings

For those clients who require specific posting titles relevant to their workplace H&S culture, we will custom print up to 12 title headings.

30CUSTOMP-12              Custom Client Posting Title Headings — up to 12


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