WPCC™ Bilingual Safety Binders with Index and Tabs



Bilingual WPCC™ Bilingual Safety Binders with Index and Tabs

WPCC™ safety binders are a key legislative support tool that seamlessly integrate and work in concert with our personal compliance assistant, WPCC™ clipboards, and our WPCC™ Flip-E-Info™ document display units.

WPCC™ products are built to last. Our HDPE heavy-duty bilingual WPCC™ safety 3 ring binders are colour coded, complete with a compliant titled index and colour-coded tabs to properly organize all your vital H&S documentation.

WPCC™ provides 12 different Safety Binder titles with over 200 specific tab options with indices to seamlessly integrate all your H&S documentation. We even have an Archive binder to ensure these records are not lost and can be referenced at a later date if you are audited.

 WPCC™ Bilingual Safety Binders complete with compliant titled indices and colour coded tabs:

30WC-BIND-SP                WPCC™ Safety is a Partnership – Know Your Role

30WC-BIND-LAW            WPCC™ The Law – Governing Legislations Regulations Industry Standards

30WC-BIND-OPP             WPCC™ Our Policies and Procedures – This Is How We Do It!

30WC-BIND-SWOP         WPCC™ Safe Work Operating Procedures – Know What To Do

30WC-BIND-AEH             WPCC™ Accidents and Emergencies Happen – Know What To Do

30WC-BIND-ORI              WPCC™ It’s All About… – Our Orientation and Training

30WC-BIND-TRG             WPCC™ Proof of …  – Our Training and Certification

30WC-BIND-INSP            WPCC™ Workplace Inspections – It Must Be Done!

30WC-BIND-PM              WPCC™ Preventive Maintenance – It Must Be Done!

30WC-BIND-HAW           WPCC™ Addressing … – Health and Wellness

30WC-BIND-STOH           WPCC™ Addressing … –  Safety Talks and Other Highlights

30WC-BIND-AHSD          WPCC™ Our Archived – Health and Safety Documentation

30WC-BIND-CSES            WPCC™ Complete Set of all 12 WPCC™ Safety Binders

WPCC™ Fire Emergency Organization Poly Binder provides ample room for your departmental Emergency Procedures.

30WCC-FEOBINDER        WPCC™ Fire Emergency Organization Binder


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