WPCC™ Independent Modules — the Signature Edition Series



WPCC™ Health & Safety Notice Boards — the ultimate posting companion for all your H&S documentation

Since 2001, all WPCC™ Health & Safety Boards have been designed with an interactive functionality and a layout which maintains a coherent and corporate Health & Safety image as a whole, while providing scope to individual organizations to develop, address, and express their internal Health & Safety policies.

Adept in design and with our never ending attention to detail, WPCC™ Signature Edition Boards are the intelligent solution built with HealthandSafetyBoards.com personal compliance assistant. Discover imperative information printed directly on your WPCC™ board. These helpful guides are unique to WPCC™ boards and have been the cornerstone to completing our mission of creating the best H&S Safety Notice Boards available anywhere.

Highly visible, easy to read with a protective UV matte velvet laminate for years of dependable service, these stations come complete with your choice of mounting hardware.


Signature Edition Boards

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30WPCC-12-010C           WPCC™ 1 – Commitment specific module 23”x 23.25”

30WPCC-12-020R           WPCC™ 2 – Requirements specific module 25”x 23.25”

30WPCC-12-030H           WPCC™ 3 – Hazards specific module 23”x 23.25”

30WPCC-12-040T           WPCC™ 4 – Training specific module 25”x 23.25”

30WPCC-12-050I            WPCC™ 5 – Inspections specific module 23”x 23.25”

30WPCC-12-060A           WPCC™ 6 – Awareness specific module 35”x 23.25”

30WPCC-12-070E           WPCC™ 7 – Emergency specific module 29”x 23.25”


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