WPCC™ Mounting Fasteners



Whether it be in the office (usually drywall), or in the warehouse (wood, concrete, or steel pillars), we have available the appropriate mounting fasteners.


22MDSFT           Double Sided Foam Mounting Tape – 2 strips/pkg.

22MF-D2            E-Z-Ancor® with Screw for Drywall Mounting – 2/pkg

(required #2 Phillips screwdriver)

22MF-W2           1½” Wood Mounting Screws – 2/pkg

(requires #2 Robertson red handle screwdriver)

22MF-C2            Tapcon® Self-Tapping Concrete Anchors – 2/pkg

(requires 5/32″ drill bit and 5/16″ socket)

22MF-CDB         Drill Bit used for Concrete Mounting Anchors – 5/32″

22MF-S2            Traxx® Self-Drilling Steel Fasteners – 2/pkg

(size #12 x 1¼” long for ¼” to ½” steel)


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