WPCC™ Secondary Eye Wash Station



WPCC™ Secondary Eye Wash Stations: For cleaning eyes to help relieve irritation, discomfort, burning, stinging, smarting or itching by removing loose foreign material, air pollutants (smog or pollen) or chlorinated water.

Strategically positioned close to a hazardous work area can help eliminate the delay for immediate flushing.  Easy installation, requires four screws (see Mounting Fasteners).

Note:  If required, or indicated by the SDS, the injured individual should proceed to the Primary Eye Wash Station and obtain the required 15 minutes (copious amounts) of flushing of the eyes without delay.

Wall Board Stations are classified as Secondary/Personal Eye Wash Devices and are intended to support, not replace Primary /15 Minute Eye Wash Units.


All employees who may be exposed hazardous material shall receive training so they can:

  • Locate the nearest Eye Wash device;
  • Activate that device;
  • Use the proper procedures for flushing the eyes, to remove all particulate matter and foreign substances; and
  • Initiate your emergency protocol.

Not only does emergency eyewash equipment need to be provided, but also those individuals who may be exposed to hazardous material shall be instructed (trained) as to the location and proper use of the emergency equipment.

30FVP-EW1                     WPCC™ 1L Eyewash Station 11″ x 12″

30FVP-EW2B                   WPCC™ Double x 1L Eyewash Station 15.25″ x 12″


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