WPCC™ WHMIS 2015/GHS Communications Stations



The WPCC™ WHMIS 2015/GHS Communications Stations, combined with effective training is the perfect solution to any office, construction or industrial workplace wishing to comply, and inform their employees of all relevant information pertaining to the safe handling of hazards.

  • All board information is printed in both official languages (English & French);
  • Detailed information allows employees to quickly refresh their knowledge;
  • WPCC™ Office Station WHMIS 2015/GHS SDS Station; with durable 1” poly binder & A – XYZ tabs supports up to 150 SDS pages without difficulty;
  • WPCC™ 2-Binder WHMIS 2015/GHS SDS Station; each durable 2” poly binder with A – XYZ tabs holds approximately 250 SDS pages x 2;
  • WPCC™ 4-Binder WHMIS 2015/GHS SDS Binder; each durable 2”poly binder with A – XYZ tabs holds approximately 250 SDS pages x 4;
  • All stations incorporate WPCC™ open display soft edge binder holder;
  • Includes the Consumer Product pictograms;
  • Also includes a Hazardous Material Information Guide;
  • Highly visible, easy to read with a protective UV matte velvet laminate, these stations come complete with your choice of mounting hardware; and

For those areas where the airborne contaminants are an issue, WPCC™ dust resistant SDS storage container just might be the answer. The lids design actively prevents individuals from using it as a storage shelf. When opened, the distinctive dust cover reveals a specially designed holder for hands-free viewing of the enclosed binders. In addition, WPCC™’s designed metal storage container incorporates tether capabilities. Contact us for additional information.

30WCC-SDS-OU              WPCC™ Office Station – 1” Poly Binder and A-XYZ tab 22.25″ x 24″

30WCC-SDS-1                  WPCC™ 2-Binder Station – 2” Poly Binders and A-XYZ tab 31”x 37.75”

30WCC-SDS-MM             WPCC™ 4-Binder Station – 2” Poly Binders and A-XYZ tab 31”x 46”


The FVP™ Series of 2015 WHMIS/GHS SDS station is our cost-conscious edition with limited options which still supports legislative requirements. It includes following limitations: reduced colour; compact Single-level Poly Box; 6 mil corrugated substrate board with no overlaminate protection.

30FVP-SDS-OFC               FVP Series™ Bilingual WHMIS 2015 / GHS Station w 1” Poly Binder, A-XYZ Tabs 22.25″ x 24″

30FVP-SDS-IND               FVP Series™ Single – Bilingual WHMIS 2015 / GHS Station w 2” Poly Binder, A-XYZ Tabs 31”x 46”

30FVP-SDS-2BX               FVP Series™ 2 Binder – Bilingual WHMIS 2015 / GHS Station w 2” Poly Binder, A-XYZ Tabs 31″ x 44″


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