WPCC™ WHMIS 2015/GHS SDS Binders Only



WPCC™ SDS 3 ring Binders are assembled from 50 gauge High Density Polyethylene (HDPE); Bilingual and printed with WPCC™’s personal compliance assistance which references the Responsibilities of the Supplier’s; Employer’s; and Employee’s; for reference purposes the inside panels are printed with the Hazardous Products Regulation and specifies the sections and required content of your SDS.

30WC-BIND-SDS175       WPCC™ Office WHMIS 2015/GHS SDS 1” Binder with A – XYZ tabs

30WC-BIND-SDS             WPCC™ WHMIS 2015/GHS SDS 2” Binder with A – XYZ tabs


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