WPCC™ WHMIS 2015/GHS SDS Workplace Labels — Sticks to almost any surface



Having problems with your Workplace Labels sticking?

WPCC™ Workplace Labels are made using durable white writable vinyl and 3M™’s unique formulations that are engineered specifically for adhesion to Low Surface Energy (LSE) surfaces.

LSE plastics are often known by their initials and include such materials used to produce plastic containers as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE or HDPE), common materials containers are made from, in addition to polystyrene, acetal, EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and powder-coated paints.

WPCC™ Workplace Labels are bilingual; providing ample room to annotate the required Product Identifier and Special Handling Procedures; designed with strikethrough pictograms to quickly eliminate those Health, Physical, Other Hazards and PPE symbols that are not applicable; WPCC™ Workplace Labels are available in 2 convenient sizes.

SDS-WPLABEL4                             WPCC™ Workplace Labels 4”x 3.25” (pkg 24)

SDS-WPLABEL5                             WPCC™ Workplace Labels 5”x 5.5” (pkg 12)

SDS-WPLABELMIX                         WPCC™ Workplace Labels 124”x 3.25” and 6 – 5”x 5.5” (pkg 18)


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