WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre First Aid Stations



Think about your current workplace for a moment… Could you confidently ask any one employee to identify and locate the first aid kit(s)? What about the emergency blankets? In an emergency, would your employees be able to identify who the First Aid Attendants are? If injured, are your employees fully aware of their responsibilities when dealing with injuries incurred at work?

Simple questions, right? You would be amazed at the answers.

Access to first aid, when needed, has never been easier. HealthandSafetyBoards.com provides a complete concept for addressing the age-old problem of how to organize and easily identify your first aid equipment. Once in place, the WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre ensures all first aid supplies and related information are immediately accessible and with the WPCC™ inventory management assistant, taking inventory couldn’t be easier. Just look at these benefits:

  • First Aid Attendant location list 8½” x 11″ Display Holder;
  • Space available to accommodate Bandage Dispenser (extra charge if required);
  • The industry’s first, uniquely designed First Aid Metal Cabinet with WPCC™’s inventory management assistant complete with your required legislative (Provincial/Federal) contents;
  • Includes clearly-printed procedures on what to do when injured at work; and

Quick-release Emergency Blanket storage bag with two blankets or space for your AED cabinet.

We re-invent the way you inspect on your first aid kit. It’s now quick and easy with WPCC™’s inventory management assistant. With the WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre you are able to address your first aid and incident requirements in one organized location. This board: is instantly recognizable from a distance; sets a new meaning for the words ‘Legislatively compliant’; is easily affixed to the wall; promotes improved safety awareness; highly visible; easy to read with a protective UV laminate; these stations come complete with your choice of mounting hardware.

Include your Corporate logo on the WPCC™ Private Label Stations

30WCC-FAEBB-PL           WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre PRIVATE LABEL Single Sleeve, TAL 075 First Aid Kit, 2 First Aid Emergency & Blanket Bag 24” x 48”

30WCC-FAED-PL             WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre PRIVATE LABEL 2 Sleeve, TAL 075 First Aid  supports most AED cabinets 24” x 49”

 CLC, Ontario & Quebec WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre™ Original Board without your logo

30WCC-4X2V-FED           WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre™ Board Complete – CLC Part II Talott’s Canada Labour Code Type “B” (exceeds CLC) 24” x 48”

30WCC-4X2V-ONT          WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre™ Board Complete – ONT Talott’s Corporate “C” First Aid Kit, (exceeds WSIB) 24” x 48”

30WCC-4X2V-CSST         WPCC™ WorkPlace Care Centre™ Board Complete – CSST 24” x 48”

Other Provinces: Please indicate the provincial legislative requirements you must meet when ordering.


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